Mission At and From the Margins
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Mission At and From the Margins

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Peniel Rajkumar, Joseph Dayam and I P Asheervadham

2013  |  281pp  |  ISBN: 9781908355133

Patterns, Protagonists and Perspectives

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Mission At and From the Margins: Patterns, Protagonists and Pespectives revisits the 'hi-stories' of Mission from the 'bottom up' paying critical attention to people, perspectives and patterns that have often been elided in the construction of mission history.  Focusing on the mission story of Christian churches in the South Indian state of Abdhra Pradesh, where Christianity is predominantly Dalit in its composition, this collection of essays, ushers its readers to re-shape their understanding of the landscape of mission history by drawing their attention to the silences and absences within pre-dominant historical accounts.