Regnum Books is part of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (OCMS).

Our books are the result of rigorous research concerned with the faithful witness of the church-in-mission, in all its rich diversity.

Our books demonstrate authentic Christian engagement in the transformation of people and societies throughout the world and seek to bring the voices of academics and practitioners together in prophetic dialogue.

Regnum Director Dr Paul Bendor-Samuel MBE talks about publishing:

Publishing in Oxford Centre for Mission Studies from OCMS on Vimeo.

OCMS also publishes a journal:

Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies

Transformation is a peer-reviewed journal published quarterly. It provides to scholars and practitioners an international forum for discussion on Mission Studies, particularly focusing on the Majority World. Original papers in the following fields are welcome: Mission and Theology; Bible and Ethics; Religions and Culture; Faith Based Development. The journal offers considered analysis and reflection on a range of issues affecting the world today, including economics, development, violence, family life and other ethical issues.

Access and more information can be found here.

The Oxford Centre for Mission Studies purpose is to walk with the global church in faithful witness in order to:

  • Equip individuals, leaders and institutions for research and scholarship;
  • Research issues on the cutting edge of God’s transforming mission;
  • Share the fruit of scholarship through our journal, books and other media;
  • Create synergies for prophetic dialogue and mutual learning between practitioners and academics.