Inequality, Corruption and the Church
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Inequality, Corruption and the Church

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Martin Allaby

2013  |  228pp  |  ISBN: 9781908355164

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Challenges and Opportunities in the Global Church

Why are economic inequalities greatest in the southern countries where most people are Christians? This book teases out the web of influences that have created this situation, and concludes that Christians could help reduce economic inequalities by opposing corruption. Interviews with key informants in the Philippines, Kenya, Zambia and Peru reveal the opportunities and challenges for Christians as they face up to corruption. This is a compelling, insightful and timely book. Martin Allaby tackles an issue that has been largely ignored in the Protestant Church: the ‘cancer’ of corruption. This book is an urgent wake-up call for Protestants and Christians in general.

Roberto Laver, International lawyer and Rule of Law practitioner Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law  School.