What Does Love Have to Do With Leadership?
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What Does Love Have to Do With Leadership?

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Mary Miller

2013  |  100pp  |  ISBN: 9781908355102

The content of this book is based on research that examines the construct of love from multiple lenses, and particularly in relationship to leadership that transforms. The author’s reasoning in contributing to the vast expanse of books written on the topic of leadership is to seek to examine some of the research concerning the idea of love as a chosen and deliberate aspect of leadership that is transforming. Transforming leadership theory is laden with value.  Leadership theorists have identified the need to understand these values.  What are the values that are chosen with deliberation that are inherent with this paradigm, leadership that is transformational?  What does the research have to say and why is an examination of the research necessary or significant?  More specifically, what relevance does this research have to do with one’s own leadership behaviour?