Urban Ministry and Social Networks
Urban Ministry and Social Networks
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Urban Ministry and Social Networks

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Enoch Jinsik Kim

Reconnecting the Disconnected

2024  |  pb 222pp  |  ISBN: 978-1-917059-20-6

To understand God’s concerns in our cities, this book examines four social anthropological themes: urban people, urban groups, urban time and space, and urban flows. All four of these themes are both causes and effects of changes in social networks. Changes in social networks have brought about tremendous changes in urban society and in the lives of urban people and their communities. The social network approach helps believers discover what God expects of the urban church and how urban Christians should live to fulfill that expectation, recognising the new opportunities that the God of Missio Dei has already provided around us for urban ministry. In addition, this work provides a theoretical foundation for reading the threats and challenges that changes in social networks pose to the urban church.