Undivided Witness
Undivided Witness
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Undivided Witness

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David Greenlee, Mark Galpin and Paul Bendor-Samuel (eds)

2020  |  |  194pp  |  ISBN: 9781913363482

Also available as an eBook here

Undivided Witness presents ten key principles linking community development and the emergence of vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the ‘least reached’. Twelve practitioners explore this uncharted missiological space, drawing on decades of serving and learning among communities in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and South, Central and Southeast Asia.

Undivided Witness is an asset for those involved in community development as an act of obedience to the call of God. It provides key principles to operationalise this ‘space’ into real life and address difficult issues that grassroots frontliners encounter.

Dr. Jayakumar Christian, former National Director, World Vision India

Drawing on the experience and expertise of community development practitioners, Undivided Witness highlights the Kingdom of God, best practice and taking the shalom of God to the least reached. A refreshing polyphonic symphony of voices from around the world runs throughout.

Peter Tarantal, Associate International Director, OM; Chair, World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission

Undivided Witness brings theology and practice together. The wealth of experience expressed throughout makes you hunger for more and to become more engaged oneself... a key resource for all of us to draw from.

Sheryl Haw, theologian and aid practitioner; former International Director for Micah Global/Micah Network

This is a valuable keepsake in the journey towards transformation, not just of communities, but of practitioners themselves.

Melba Padilla Maggay, Founder, Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture (ISACC)

A companion 11-unit study guide, Exploring Undivided Witness, is available as a free download, and you can also request a Facilitator Guide here.

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