The Prayer of Silence
The Prayer of Silence
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The Prayer of Silence

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Kathy Holley

A Grounded Theory Exploration of Well‐Being and Embodiment within Christian Spirituality

2023  |  106pp pb  |  ISBN: 978‐1‐914454‐95‐0

Christian Contemplative Prayer is a spiritual discipline and a religious form of silent prayer, which is rooted in scriptural teachings and ancient practices. This book explores the lived experience of this prayer practice among practitioners who have faithfully engaged in this spiritual discipline for many years. Using extensive analysis of interview data from long‐term prayer practitioners, this book focuses on the silent form of prayer and its interrelation with well‐being and embodiment. Although scholars suggest Christian Contemplative Prayer influences practitioners’ well‐being, the importance of embodiment within this practice is less understood. Within the conceptual category of ‘Embodiment’, Holley suggests integrated concepts of Embodied Self, Embodied in Christian Community, Embodied Space, and Embodied in God, thereby further expanding insights into the Christian’s holistic prayerful experience of body, mind, and spirit in God’s presence. The book also expands understanding of the diversity of methods found within the actual practice of Christian Contemplative Prayer. The aim of this book is to provide us as Christians with greater understanding in embracing contemplative prayer’s holistic wellbeing and embodiment, further allowing the presence of God to fill our lives and our relationships.