The Mission Matrix
The Mission Matrix
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The Mission Matrix

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Kirk Franklin & Paul Bendor-Samuel with Deborah Crough

Mission Theologies for Diverse Mission Landscapes

2024  |  169pp pb  |  ISBN: 978-1-917059-04-6

The Mission Matrix surveys the extensive realm of Mission Theology, dissecting its terminology and discerning its profound implications regarding God’s mission (missio Dei) primarily from the Protestant mission movement perspective. The reader is invited on a personal journey of growth as a reflective practitioner, fostering integrity, creativity, openness, and curiosity within the realm of mission, scrutinizing the factors that have shaped one’s own Mission Theology. This introspection, conducted against the backdrop of engagement with Scripture, mission context, ministry background, and personal experience, promises to be a transformative experience, equipping and informing the reader while creating an insatiable hunger to delve deeper into the profound world of God’s mission through Mission Theology.