The Korean Healing Movement
The Korean Healing Movement
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The Korean Healing Movement

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Jun Kim

2024  |  240pp pb  |  ISBN 978-1-917059-06-0

In this insightful book, the author, a Korean Pentecostal scholar, embarks on a deep exploration of the theological and historical evolution of the Korean healing movement. Through meticulous analysis of three pivotal figures – Ik-du Kim, Seong-bong Lee, and Yong-gi Cho – the study delves into the key contextual forces that have shaped their healing theologies and practices within the Korean Church. This work offers a systematic examination of the distinctive features of Korean healing theology, aiming to furnish readers with a robust theological framework for understanding Korean healing practices. Furthermore, it seeks to equip 21st-century spirit-empowered Christians with theological safeguards for their beliefs in divine healing, thus providing a valuable resource for anyone interested in the intersection of faith, culture, and healing.

The author is to be congratulated for this important, well-written, and ground-breaking study of three prominent healers in Korean Christianity. This is essential reading for understanding the Korean healing movement.

Dr Allan H Anderson, University of Birmingham

The Korean Healing Movement investigates three historic healing evangelists in Korea, representing different confessional traditions in various periods. This fine research will provide a model for other similar inquiries, particularly from the global South.

Dr Wonsuk Ma, Executive Director of Center for Spirit-Empowered Research, Distinguished Professor of Global Christianity

Jun Kim maintains that the healing movement is a key component of Korean Christianity historically. This is contextual theology at its absolute best, not only for Pentecostals, but for all those interested in the prominent themes emerging from Christianity outside the West.

Dr Frank D Macchia, Professor of Systematic Theology, Vanguard University

This is a well-researched book, supported by a wide bibliography. It is coherent, readable, interesting, clear, succinct and analytical. Not only is this book valuable and fascinating, it also provides a first-class template for similar examinations of key healers in other countries.

Dr Keith Warrington, Academic Dean, The New International University, Director of Word and Spirit, and Reader in Pentecostal Studies, Regents Theological College