The Journey Concept
The Journey Concept
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The Journey Concept

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Susan van Wynen

Rethinking Organisational Strategy in the Global Context of God’s Mission

2023  |  122pp pb  |  ISBN: 978-1-917059-00-8

With input from more than 50 church and mission leaders from 36 nations, The Journey Concept encourages leaders within church and mission movements to move beyond the popular and highly influential strategy models founded in military, industrial-age, and competitive thinking. The Journey Concept addresses the need for a theologically and missiologically sound approach to strategic thought and practice that is community-focused, appropriate, and applicable in our ever-changing global and local contexts. The journey concept is not a model, but a mindset that draws from Scripture, story, history and a wide range of cultural experiences. It focuses on journey as reality and metaphor and seeks to help organisation leaders, and anyone participating in God’s mission, navigate continuous change and multiple contexts and cultures with grace and discernment, while remaining firmly grounded and growing in God and his Word.