The Good News of Creation
The Good News of Creation
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The Good News of Creation

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Eco-theology for Faithful Discipleship

Juan Stam

2023  |  77pp pb  |  ISBN: 978-1-914454-81-3

Also available as an eBook here

I loved this book! It will be invaluable to evangelical Christians wanting to understand the biblical basis for caring for creation, and the wide and deep implications for mission and discipleship.

Juan Stam takes a deep dive into the theology of creation care, explaining how it is woven through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. He sets out clearly how the physical creation is central to God’s purposes for the world, and tackles some common misunderstandings about the creation of the world and the end times.

Caroline Pomeroy, Director, Climate Stewards

The Latin American theologian Juan Stam addresses one of the most burning yet rather controversial issue in the contemporary world, not least among the evangelical Christians – the relationship between human beings and the natural world. Stam builds a solid biblical foundation for creation theology by elaborating the theme ‘from creation to new creation’. He brings clarity to various texts in the Bible which have been mis-read or mis- interpreted by evangelical Christians. Similarly, he points out texts that have been left without attention yet are important to understand the Biblical meaning of ‘good news’. This makes the book a great resource for preaching and Bible studies. 

Helle Liht, Assistant General Secretary, European Baptist Federation