The Bible and Christian Ethics | eBook
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The Bible and Christian Ethics | eBook

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David Emmanuel Singh and Bernard Farr

2013  |  217pp  |  ISBN: 9781908355799

This book contains papers from the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies’ quarterly journal, Transformation, on the topic of Christian Ethics. The  papers were  selected from volumes published over a period of 25 years  during which period Transformation grew from merely being an  international journal of ‘Christian social   ethics’ to ‘Holistic Mission Studies’. Here, Mission Studies is understood in its widest sense to also encompass Christian Ethics.  At the very heart of it lies the Family as the basic unit od society.  We see all of the other papers on the themes of word and works, poverty, justice and environment relate   primarily to this theme.  All the papers  together seek to contribute to understanding how Christian thought is shaped in contexts each of  which poses its own challenges to Christian living in family and in broader society.