Surrendering the Task
Surrendering the Task
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Surrendering the Task

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Audrey Salters (edited by Clare Salters)

British Baptists in China 1937-1952

2024  |  270pp pb |  ISBN: 978-1-917059-10-7

This book tells the story of the final years of missionary activity in China, with particular reference to the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS). Contrary to some existing narratives, the Society was committed, from the very beginning of its work in China, to placing responsibility for evangelism, church organisation and leadership in the hands of Chinese Christians, but this plan was derailed by events in China between 1937 and 1952. The missionary departure from Shandong had been planned for 1942. This was delayed when members of the Chinese church found themselves obliged to seek additional help from the BMS to cope with the destruction caused first by the War of Resistance against Japan and later by the Civil War. This book explores contrasting experiences of work during this period in three different provinces of northern China: Shandong, Shanxi and Shaanxi. It examines the way the BMS dealt with the new developments, and the impact on individual missionaries of working in this rapidly changing environment, telling their story in their own words and those of their Chinese colleagues.