Mission in Secularised Contexts of Europe
Mission in Secularised Contexts of Europe
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Mission in Secularised Contexts of Europe

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Marina Ngursangzeli Behera

2018  |  222pp  |  ISBN: 9781912343751

Contemporary Narratives and Experiences

This volume deals with religion and Church today focused on secularised contexts in Europe. It poses a challenge to the Church to discern the times and rethink its mission. The new situations everywhere demand careful study. This book prompts the Church to belong to the age by re-telling and re-casting the meaning of the Gospel in different contexts.

John S Sadananda, Bishop Emeritus, Master of the Senate of Serampore College

It is high time for the missionary imagination to be captured by the secular direction currently being taken by West European societies. This book offers a sensitive, nuanced, contextually informed, richly textured and theologically profound exploration of this new frontier for Christian mission.

Kenneth Ross, parish minister at Netherlorn, Argyll, Scotland