Mission and Power | eBook
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Mission and Power | eBook

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Atola Longkumar, Jorgen Skov Sorensen and Michael Biehl

2017  |  347pp  |  ISBN: 9781912343478

History, Relevance and Perils

Mission cannot ignore its engagement with power. Christian mission is unavoidably located within matrices of power structures: religion, culture, colonial power, economic and gender. It is not only in the missionary movement largely emanating from the West that Christian mission is linked to structure and power. The Christian communities of today also present significant images, practices, expressions, and sometimes exploitations of power. This volume explores the notion of power in relation to Christian mission and critically engages questions such as: What notions of power have informed mission? How have power structures been negotiated between Christian mission and local culture/religions? Which of these manifestations of power are disturbing and counter the values of the Gospel?