Korean Church: God's Mission Global Christianity
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Korean Church: God's Mission Global Christianity

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Wonsuk Ma and Kyo Seong Ahn

2015  |  390pp  |  ISBN: 9781908355881

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Once considered as a Cinderella in church growth and mission in the post-Edinburgh Conference era, the Korean church is given its due in this book. As a guide to Korean Christianity, it contains more than thirty chapters, written by historians, missiologists, sociologists, mission practitioners, pastors, and church leaders.  This volume assesses the legacy and place of Korean Christianity and its mission, provides insightful and self-critical accounts in topics ranging from theories, policies, practices, and prospects, and offers a useful overview of how the Korean church grew into a missionary church.   It concludes with reflections on the future challenges and possibilities, and is intended as an important gift to the Korean church and to world Christianity.