Islam and Women: Hagar’s Heritage  |  eBook
Islam and Women: Hagar’s Heritage  |  eBook
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Islam and Women: Hagar’s Heritage | eBook

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Moyra Dale

2021  |  267pp  |  ISBN: 978-1-914454-13-4

In a field where the majority of publications on Islam are by men and about men’s experience of Islam, this book offers a new perspective on Islam through the world of women. Drawing on rich personal experience, Islamic texts, culture and history, the author explores faith, cultural themes and everyday life for Muslim women.

This book should be compulsory reading for men who want to understand contemporary Islamic cultures. It also contains great riches for women who are part of those cultures or who are relating with people of those cultures. And for people who want to think about the relationship between scripture, faith and culture. And for those who would like some fresh insights into the Bible.

Dr. Ida Glaser, International Academic Coordinator and Founding fellow of the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, Oxford.

While the everyday life of Muslim women flows through many books, rarely do we hear how these women interpret the Quran. This book captures that elusive reality. Moyra Dale immerses herself in Arab women’s worship groups to explore the vibrant diversity of their prayer and Scripture interpretation. Another treasure trove in this volume is the rich data on women throughout Muslim history. Surprising facts and detailed stories spill from many pages. Finally, feminism appears, with a dizzying variety of social media, ecofeminism, international collaboration, even the justification of prostitution as a choice, evolving in four waves, from 1840 to 2021. Central to it all is Jesus, the core of the cosmos and the souls of Muslim women.

Miriam Adeney, Ph.D. (Anthropology), Associate Professor, Seattle Pacific University; Author, Daughters of Islam: Building Bridges with Muslim Women

Although there are nearly 1 billion Muslim women in the world, their voices often go unheard. This book offers readers the opportunity to hear how various Muslim women across the globe navigate, shape, and perpetuate the sociocultural and religious landscapes in their communities. If we are to begin understanding the Muslim world, we must look beyond religious texts and start listening to the community of women who embody the texts. This book will give you the skills necessary to begin that process.

Trevor Castor, PhD, Managing Director and Professor, Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies, College of Intercultural Studies (CICS), Columbia International University