God Has Not Left Himself Without Witness
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God Has Not Left Himself Without Witness

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Ivan M. Satyavrata

2011  |  264pp  |  ISBN: 9781870345798

Since its earliest inception the Christian Church has had to address the question of what common ground exists between Christian faiths and other religions. This study presents a case for the revitalisation of the fulfilment tradition based on a recovery and assessment of the fulfilment approaches of Indian Christian converts in the pre-independence period. It focuses on the views of Krishna Mohan Banerjea and Sadhu Sundar Singh. The fulfilment approaches of Indian converts help authenticate the plausibility of fulfilment theology, by confirming its adequacy over alternative explanations and affirming the particular truth claims of the Christian faith, whilst also ascribing genuine value to the religious traditions and experience of people of other faiths.