Formation for Transformation  |  eBook
Formation for Transformation  |  eBook
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Formation for Transformation | eBook

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Edith Vilamajó Sanchis

2022  |  178pp |  ISBN: 978-1-914454-25-7

An Approach to Renewing the Teaching Ministry within the Church

As teachers, we long for every Christian to become more like Christ in every way. We trust that teaching within the Church will serve that purpose. However, the teaching we offer is often reduced to a form of teaching that is simply informative, individualistic, irrelevant for a believer’s daily life, and only imparted through specific activities and events. It seems that, in general, it is difficult to ensure that our teaching ministries produce profound transformation in people’s lives. The purpose of this book is to present various important pedagogical approaches that the Church usually does not take into account and that will help us collaborate with the Holy Spirit in a believer’s process of transformation. Each chapter includes practical exercises, which will help us analyse and renew our teaching ministry. Another aim of this book is to encourage teachers, so that we ourselves develop a transformative relationship with God, which will undoubtedly have an impact on the people we serve.