Forgiveness and Reintigration
Forgiveness and Reintigration
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Forgiveness and Reintigration

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Stephanie Goins

2015  |  281pp  |  ISBN: 9781908355928

How the Transformative Process of Forgiveness Impacts Child Soldier Reintegration

Forgiveness, essential for all healthy human relations, becomes all the more critical when speaking of good reintegration for child soldiers. Children were both victims and perpetrators of horrendous crimes during Sierra Leone’s ten-year  civil war  that ended in 2002. Many former child soldiers sought to reintegrate with their families and communities, though the receptiveness of families and communities was essential for this process to be successful. This book examines forgiveness and reintegration from psychological, theological, philosophical and anthropological perspectives and asks if forgiveness can contribute to and facilitate reintegration for former child soldiers. Despite the magnitude of atrocities experienced, Sierra Leone’s people have demonstrated that indeed, the transformative process of forgiveness has enabled them to live in forgiving ways for more than 13 years.