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Following Jesus

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Paul Alexander and Al Tizon

2013  |  236pp  |  ISBN: 9781908355270

Journeys in Radical Discipleship: Essays in Honor of Ronald J. Sider

What does it mean to follow Jesus in the 21st century? The same that it always has: radically and faithfully. Ronald J. Sider and the organization that he founded, Evangelicals for Social Action, are most respected for their pioneering work in the area of evangelical social concern. However, Sider’s great contribution to social justice is but a part of a larger vision – namely, biblical discipleship. His works, which span more than four decades, have guided the faithful to be authentic gospel-bearers in ecclesial, cultural and political arenas. This book honors Ron Sider, by bringing together a group of scholar-activists, old and young, to reflect upon the gospel and its radical implications for the 21st century. This list includes Craig Keener, Vinay Samuel, Melba Maggay, John Perkins and Heid Unruh.