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Richard Lister

Fuller Life for All through Church and Community Transformation

2022  |  89pp pb  |  ISBN: 978-1-914454-53-0

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How does Ormilla, a hungry outcast girl in South Asia, turn into a flourishing young lady confidently leading a preschool? Or how does a violent part of Belfast City in the United Kingdom, where youths used to throw stones at police cars, develop into a thriving community? And how does Peter in Kenya, an alcoholic dressed in rags covered with mud, become a dignified Christian man full of joy and no longer poor?

The answer? They've been transformed by experiencing God's goodness through the active love of God's people.

God calls all His people into a great adventure. To work with Him so all types of people and all places can enjoy restored and flourishing relationships: Jesus' offer of life in all its fullness.

This book shares the compelling stories of God using ordinary local churches and their communities to bring deep transformation. And the book shares the three straightforward Biblical principles that help turn God’s inspiring vision into reality.

Are you up for an adventure? Then read on!