Diakonia in Gender Perspective
Diakonia in Gender Perspective
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Diakonia in Gender Perspective

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Stephanie Dietrich and Knud Jorgensen

2016  |  274pp  |  ISBN: 9781911372097

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Gender perspectives play a core role when it comes to both the theory and practice of diakonia.  This is the second book on diakonia published by Regnum.  It follows up Diakonia as Christian Social Practice: An Introduction (2014).

The authors are concerned about the role gender plays within the theory and practice of diakonia.  Most of them have experience as diaconal practitioners.  The academic context of this publication is thus not gender studies per se, but an interdisciplinary approach where diaconal theory is deepened through the lenses of a gender perspective, and where examples and case studies are provided in order to exemplify the impact of a gender perspective on diaconal theory and practice.