Developing Just and Inclusive Communities
Developing Just and Inclusive Communities
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Developing Just and Inclusive Communities

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Hans Morten Haugen, Benedicte Tveter Kivle, Tony Addy, Terese Bue Kessel, John Klaasen (eds)

Challenges for Diakonia / Christian Social Practice and Social Work

2022  |  301pp pb  |  ISBN: 978-1-914454-47-9

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This book comprises recent advancements in theory and practice of community diakonia. It embraces vital discussions on inclusion, personhood, and community development in a unique way from leading scholars in the field. These discussions are carried out in extensive global dialogue including voices from the Majority World.

Dr Auli Vähäkangas, Professor in Pastoral Theology, University of Helsinki, Finland

Developing Just and Inclusive Communities is such a timely book because it takes up the challenge and the opportunity community development presents for churches and diaconal organizations. Covering a manifold of approaches and case studies from many countries, it gains orientation from the SDGs and by focusing on collective decision-making processes. Readers will be inspired by the vision and practical ideas for becoming more inclusive communities.

Dr Johannes Eurich, Professor & Prodekan der Theologischen Fakultät, Direktor des Diakoniewissenschaftlichen Instituts Universität Heidelberg, Germany; Chair of ReDi, International Society for the Research & Study of Diaconia & Christian Social Practice