Creative Collaborations
Creative Collaborations
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Creative Collaborations

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Editors: Dana L. Robert, Allison Kach-Yawnghwe, Morgan Crago

2023  |  201pp pb  |  ISBN: 978-1-914454-73-8  

Case Studies of North American Missional Practices

The case studies in this book show that rather than collapsing under the strain of massive challenges, many North American Christians are reaching across divisions and differences to connect with people and contexts unlike themselves. The research in this book highlights multiple ways in which North American Christians are collaborating with others to witness to their faith. Such collaborations are like the mustard seeds of the Kingdom (Mt. 13:31–32), often small and yet creative actions of believers who push beyond Christian divisions and paralyzing social problems.  

The series of books arises from a study process that marked the centenary of the International Missionary Council (IMC), founded in 1921 at Lake Mohonk, USA. It has its origin in the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism of the World Council of Churches, which wanted to celebrate the work of its historical predecessor IMC (1921-1961).