Christian Worldview and Transformation
Christian Worldview and Transformation
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Christian Worldview and Transformation

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Claudio Antonio Cardoso Leite, Guiherme Vilela Ribeiro de Carvalho, Mauricio Jose Silva Cunha and Mauricio Jose Silva Cunha

2019  |  198pp  |  ISBN: 9781913363130

Spirituality, Reason and Social Order

What is Christian Worldview? What are the practical applications or ethical implications of Biblical truths? How can Christians influence society? These are the questions which the authors of this volume seek to answer, along with other issues which challenge biblical faith.

Through theoretical reflection and suggested practical actions; looking at the Early Church, the Reformation and historical experiences of poverty in Brazil, with a commitment to piety and an integral mission practice; Christian Worldview & Transformation raises proposals and alternatives for a spirituality which can bring changes to society and social relations.