Child, Church and Compassion
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Child, Church and Compassion

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Bill Prevette

2012  |  346pp  |  ISBN: 9781908355034

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Towards Child Theology in Romania

Children are hungry and homeless.  Christians around the world care and send finances to organisations that provide care for such children.  The local churches do their part.  This is what we believe; this is what we expect.  But do the organisations and churches always succeed in their efforts?  Are Christian organisations more effective than other organizations in helping children?  What if local churches do not help as much as they could because they see realities that outsiders do not?  What factors enable local churches and outside organisations to work together?

These and similar issues are considered in a landmark study of faith based organizations in Romania that provide for children that are at the margins of society.  Based on many years of prior experiences with at risk children, Dr. Prevette studied dozens of churches and agencies that work with children, the research spanned more than half a decade.  The results are often encouraging, sometimes disturbing, and always insightful.  Prevette offers a theological perspective that is perceptive and innovative.  This book advocates the emerging study of child theology.  The preceptions, analysis, and conclusions are critical to an informed understanding of neglected and abused children, and those who attempt to help them.