Charis and Charisma
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Charis and Charisma

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Sung-Hoon Myung and Young-Gi Hong

2003  |  217pp  |  ISBN: 9781870345453

David Yonggi Cho and the Growth of Yoido Full Gospel Church

Founded by David Yonggi Cho, Yoido Full Gospel Church is the world's largest church. This book discusses the factors responsible for the phenomenal growth of this church. The book expounds the role played by leadership, the Holy Spirit, prayer, preaching, cell groups and creativity in promoting church growth, with particular reference to Yoido Full Gospel Church. It focusses on God's Grace (charis) and Inspiring Leadership (charisma) as the two essential factors for church growth and, in this context. examines the part David Yonggi Cho's personal charisma and his ideas or principles play in causing growth. The purpose of the book is to present a model for church growth worldwide.