Celebrating Life in Community
Celebrating Life in Community
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Celebrating Life in Community

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Reflections in Social Ethics and the Church, Essays in Honour of Murray W. Dempster

Kenneth J. Archer and Zachary Michael Tackett (eds)

2023  |  246pp pb  |  ISBN: 978-1-914454-77-6

This text, engaging some of the finest scholars in Pentecostal and Evangelical studies, approaches several of the pastoral and academic dynamics that are dear to the thought and practice of Murray W. Dempster. Three overriding themes are addressed, that of biblical and theological studies, peacemaking and the Christian witness, and the nature and work of the church in the broader community.The role of social ethics, the overriding interest of Dempster’s scholarship, is either in the forefront or background of each writing.That the text may be used in studies of Christian formation, a set of discussion questions is provided with each article.