Called Out for Witness
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Called Out for Witness

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Daniel Taichoul Yang

 2014  |  170pp  |  ISBN: 9781908355492

The Missional Journey of Grace Korean Church

Grace Korean Church (GKC) was established in 1982 by David Kwangshin Kim in Fullerton, California.  From the very beginning, Kim led the church into a robust missionary engagement, which is being continued and even intesified by his successor, Paul Kihong Han.  Throughout its three-decades of history, the church has invested more than 50% of its total income to supporting and maintaining its mission operations (with more than 250 missionaries in close to 60 countries).  This book investigates the theological motivation for GKC's missions: Reformed theology, Presbyterian theology, and mission theology.  The book also shows the extent of the church's mission engagement by continents.  Finally, the book turns its attention to the future with an evaluation of the church's missionary journey.