Asian Handbook for Theological Education and Ecumenism
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Asian Handbook for Theological Education and Ecumenism

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Dietrich Werner, Hope Antone, Wati Longchar and Hyunju Bae

2013  |  675pp  |  ISBN: 9781908355416

This impressive and comprehensive publication focuses on key resources for teaching on Christian unity and common witness in Asian contexts.  It is a collection of articles that reflects the ongoing 'double wrestle', with the texts of biblical tradition as well as with contemporary contexts, as the churches in Asia reflect theologically on what it means to be the churches in Asia in each particular period of time, especially in expressing their unity in Christ and in witnessing together the love of Christ amidst the realities and challenges posed by the changing and pluralistic context of Asian communities.  There is no doubt that this handbook will contribute significantly to the ongoing theological reflections and discussions in the area of theological education.