Arts Across Cultures
Arts Across Cultures
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Arts Across Cultures

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Warren R. Beattie & Anne M. Y. Soh (Eds)

Reimagining the Christian Faith in Asia

2022  |  239pp pb  |  ISBN: 978-1-914454-43-1

Also available as an eBook here

Learn more about how to develop the arts across cultures as Christians

In today’s highly-connected world, many people are still unfamiliar with the “good news” of Christianity. How do we invite them to think afresh about the Christian message and the Christian faith? What is the role of the arts in mission? How could we explore ideas about mission as artists?

This book seeks to address and answer these questions by showing the potential of the arts in impacting the life and mission of the church. It suggests how the arts can enhance worship and witness, and help to transform the wider world. It demonstrates what being a “missional artist” means – explaining how the two parts of that vocation fit together – and examines the nurture and training that such artists need.

The book looks at how the performing arts (like music and drama), the visual arts, digital media and the use of creative arts workshops can form a rich tapestry to “bring out” the Christian faith in church and beyond. Against the backdrop of global flows that reach into every local community, it connects the arts to mission in culturally relevant ways by revealing how Christians from different contexts can work together, drawing on the arts across cultures to reimagine the Christian faith, so as to speak powerfully to contemporary peoples and cultures in our ever-changing world.

Not just designed for artists and mission partners, the book is also aimed at pastors and leaders of churches and mission agencies to illustrate how the arts (and artists) can be embraced in creative ways to fulfil the task of mission in our increasingly glocalised world.

Written by practitioners who have first-hand experience of these issues, this book challenges the reader to widen their horizons in thinking about the vast possibilities for the role of the arts across cultures, the arts in mission, and missional artists in the sharing of the “good news.”