A Missional Leadership History
A Missional Leadership History
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A Missional Leadership History

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Kirk J Franklin and Susan Van Wynen

The Journey from Wycliffe Bible Translators

2022  |  518pp pb  |  ISBN: 978-1-914454-65-3

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A Missional Leadership History explores the origins of Wycliffe Bible Translators from the passion and vision of a few to a worldwide movement for Bible translation in God’s mission as he makes his name known. 

How did God change, mould, and equip Wycliffe Bible Translators and its people through the years? Who was involved? How did they make decisions? What challenges did they face? What lessons can we learn from their journey? Studying official records of Wycliffe International (Wycliffe Global Alliance) from 1942 to 2020, the authors let these documents speak, revealing the thinking of the times. They have also enriched the narrative by placing it in the context of current events, church history, and leadership trends. This unique historical and missiological exploration offers first-hand insights into how mission leaders grappled with the growing and evolving global church, responding in ways that ultimately altered the very fabric of what the original leaders had created. It invites readers to learn from the past and reflect on their own participation in God’s mission today and for the future.