A Holistic Model of Handling Conflicts
A Holistic Model of Handling Conflicts
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A Holistic Model of Handling Conflicts

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Guichun Jun

2020  |  227pp  |  ISBN: 978-1-913363-73-4

Lessons from a Multicultural Urban Congregation in Britain

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This book is a systematic and comprehensive investigation into conflicts in a multicultural congregation in an urban area in the UK. It provides a comprehensive account of conflict through analysing and interpreting diverse types of conflict from a combined range of perspectives of anthropology, sociology and theology. It also profoundly explains the dynamics of conflict phenomena from a multidimensional perspective to understand the nature, scale and intensity of multifactorial and multifaceted conflicts in the four conflict domains: interpersonal behavioural conflict, cultural conflict, theological conflict and political conflict. The most significant contribution of this book is to establish a holistic model of handling diverse types of conflict for peace-making, peace-keeping and peace-building through employing conflict resolution, settlement, management and transformation in a multicultural congregational setting.