Edinburgh Centenary

The Edinburgh Centenary Series grew out of the Edinburgh 2010 conference. Initially conceived as a modest attempt to capture the key themes and outcomes of the conference, the series grew to 35 volumes with over 600 contributors from every part of the global church. It has been critically acclaimed by leading mission scholars such as Prof Stephen Bevans who writes,

The Edinburgh Centenary Series is a landmark collection and one of the most important achievements of missiology in our two-decade-old twenty-first century. The Edinburgh Centenary Series is a series for today’s global church. It is about global concerns—migration, children, interfaith dialogue, social justice, reconciliation, secularism, and globalization itself. It has contributions from every part of our world, across denominations, women and men. It is the fruit of global collaboration. The editors of the various volumes come from every continent, and from every Christian church or denomination. The series presents a wonderful portrait of today’s global, ecumenically conscious, and contextualized church.

It should be clear that material published in this series deliberately reflects a diverse range of views and positions. These do not necessarily represent those of the series’ editors or of the Edinburgh 2010 General Council, but in publishing them Regnum hopes to encourage conversation between Christians and collaboration in mission. All the volumes in the series are commended for study and reflection by both churches and academies.