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Message from the Director

It is a delight to offer you the new website for Regnum publications. Regnum is the imprint of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. Over the years Regnum has gained a reputation for academic publishing that addresses the burning edges of mission theory and practice.

The past year has seen the completion of the Edinburgh 2010 Centenary Series. Labelled as the outstanding contribution to missiology thus far in the 21st century, the series runs to 35 volumes with more than 600 contributors from every part of the global church. Currently we are engaged in a project to get all the Edinburgh 2010 series into eBook form. This will not only allow the books to be downloaded at accessible prices, it will also enable the whole series to be digitally searchable, making the volumes much more useful for mission research.

We have added to our two regular series in Mission and Global Christianity, with 13 further publications in 2016. These series provide space for authors to explore creative work from around the world. OCMS has always had a bias to give voice to those parts of the global church that are less easily heard and these additions reflect that concern.

At Regnum we are mindful that scholarship does not simply trickle out to practitioners. We are deeply committed to making scholarship available to thinking Christians wherever they are. With that in mind we have launched the Regnum Practitioner series. The first volume explores the challenge and opportunity of polycentric leadership in the new mission landscape.

In the coming year we will begin publishing mini-books, designed to make scholarship available in easily accessible, bite sized chunks - watch this space! Let us know if there are topics in mission that you want to see explored further in writing.

We continue to be open to commissioning new work.

Together in Christ

Paul Bendor-Samuel

Executive Director, Regnum