Seeing New Facets of the Diamond | eBook
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Seeing New Facets of the Diamond | eBook

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Gillian Bediako, Benhardt Y Quarshie and J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu

2014  |  369pp  |  ISBN: 9781911372554

Christianity As A Universal Faith: Essays in Honour of Kwame Bediako

This collection of essays has sought to achieve a good representation of mentors,
colleagues and disciples from around the world. The contributions come from a variety of countries, theological disciplines and perspectives, and represent either a direct outworking of his vision and initiatives or a connection with them. Taken together, they demonstrate Bediako’s conviction that the theological creativity emerging in Africa is also for the benefit of the mission of the world church. All the essays key into the general theme from contributors' own particular perspectives and areas of specialisation and capture something of the vision that inspired Kwame Bediako, which he shared, and the legacy he has bequeathed. In addition, they make a contribution to a deep er understanding of world Christianity in our time and provide pointers to the ongoing sc holarly task in the service of the church in mission. For it is vital that we continue to see new facets of the diamond that is the universality of the Gospel, as lived and proclaimed thro ugh the world church.