Reluctant or Radical Revolutionaries?  | eBook
Reluctant or Radical Revolutionaries?  | eBook
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Reluctant or Radical Revolutionaries? | eBook

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Cawley Bolt

2013  |  287pp  |  ISBN: 9781911372547

Evangelical Missionaries and Afro-Jamaican Character, 1834-1870

This study is based on extensive research that challenges traditional ways of understanding some evangelical missionaries of nineteenth century Jamaica and calls for revision of those views. It highlights the strength and character of persons facing various challenges of life in their effort to be faithful to the guiding principles of their existence. It gives an account of evangelical missionaries fulfilling their mission to the black people of Jamaica as ex-slaves as they simultaneously contend with hostility from the elites of society. It also tells of the Afro-Jamaicans who rejected unacceptable imposition from the missionaries while contending with challenges from plantation owners and others in Jamaican society.