Putting on the Lord Jesus  |  eBook
Putting on the Lord Jesus  |  eBook
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Putting on the Lord Jesus | eBook

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David E Bjork

A Gospel-Driven Theology of Discipleship

2021  |  331pp  |  ISBN: 978-1-914454-15-8

This book is a fresh, inviting text on the content of the gospel and the way it influences our understanding of important Scriptural themes tied to our relationship to the rabbi from Nazareth, the Lord Jesus. Drawing from the best of recent New Testament scholarship, mission-related themes such as discipleship, atonement, the Kingdom of God, faith, the Trinity, the Church, and life guided by the Holy Spirit are discussed. Accessible, clear, thought-provoking, and very readable, this work will be appreciated by pastors, seminary students and thoughtful lay-leaders.

To remain living and effective, the missional church must be anchored to the gospel. But understood and communicated how? David Bjork shows why Jesus' rescuing kingship results in changed disciples: when we are confessing allegiance, the Spirit is transforming us into the image of the king. Putting on the Lord Jesus is a rich theological synthesis that is faithful to Scripture and practical for today's church.

Matthew W. Bates, author of The Gospel Precisely, Associate Professor of Theology, Quincy University

David Bjork’s four decades of disciple-making and theological education experience in Europe and Africa earn him the right to write on the subject. I agree with David that “...most currently available discipleship resources either minimize or completely ignore the element [of theological reflection].” Therefore, we desperately need a resource that profoundly addresses the issue of a biblical theology of discipleship. Putting on the Lord Jesus: A Gospel-Driven Theology Discipleship, accomplishes that mission. Scholars, students and practitioners will find this resource very helpful.

Felix Niba, National Director for Cameroon/Regional Represent for Central and West Africa of The Bonhoeffer Project and Resident Coordinator of the West Africa Advance School of Theology (WAAST), Cameroon Campus.

At last a theology of discipleship to Jesus of Nazareth drawn from the Bible has found the light of day. Drawing from Scripture, Dr. Bjork has succinctly laid out a clear path of moving seamlessly from conversion to a deepened life in Jesus of Nazareth. This book is a clarion call for Church leaders to patiently and graciously peal back the layers of inherited misunderstandings that lack a firm foundation in the Gospel, and discover the centrality of the Christ in Scripture and practice.

Dr. Elias Ngomediage, Lecturer, Department of Missions and Intercultural Studies, Cameroon Faculty of Evangelical Theology