Mission in Central and Eastern Europe | eBook
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Mission in Central and Eastern Europe | eBook

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Corneliu Constantineanu, Marcel V Macelaru, Anne-Marie Kool and Mihai Himcinschi

2017  |  715pp  |  ISBN: 9781912343485

Realities, Perspectives, Trends

Central and Eastern Europe is one of the areas of the world that has undergone profound transformations during the 100 years delimited by the two Edinburgh gatherings that inspired the Regnum Edinburgh Centenary Series. It is the place in which Marxist ideology gave birth to the Communist hegemony that has impacted the European arena for over 50 years. But this is also the place where Christian churches experienced God’s grace and provision, and even unexpected flourishing in some quarters. The present volume brings together significant contributions from over thirty theologians, missiologists and practitioners from this part of the world. The articles explore the complex missiological thinking and praxis of Central and Eastern Europe, highlight concrete missiological endeavours and pointing to the challenges and opportunities for mission in this part of the world. It also included relevant missiological documents that emerged in the area within the past 25 years.