Global Voices

A series of texts taken from the original country and language of publication, and translated to make these important theological works available to a wider audience.

Praise for the Global Voices Series:

English readers will benefit from the wisdom of majority world theologians writing for their own contexts - what a rare and significant contribution to enrich the church.

Dr Kang San Tan, General Director of BMS World Mission

What’s the point of the church being a global family if we never listen to one another? Or worse, if only some members of the family get to do all the talking? It is vital that the voices of the global church are heard by those in the western churches who have tended to listen only to themselves - especially when those voices are speaking from the cutting edge of the church’s mission. So I heartily commend the vision and intentions of this project.

Christopher J. H. Wright, Langham Partnership

Mission is about encounters and participating in what God is doing to bring about God’s kingdom. The new Global Voices Series is a wonderful project that gives voice to those who have been engaged in God’s mission for many decades, but whose voices have not yet been heard in much of the world. Through these books, God’s people will be challenged and encouraged to think about and to practice mission in transformative ways; we will hear God’s call anew in the unique contexts these texts reflect and we will learn how to participate again in our service to the kingdom of Christ.

Rosalee Velloso Ewell, PhD, Executive Director, Theological Commission, World Evangelical Alliance